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Now introducing Natural Divinity: Tea's Collection Sets. Perfect for the winter time and our first fall/winter collection.  Peppermint and Rose essential oils is the main scent of Tea's Collection. 

Get ready for your scalp to tingle with our Tea's  DeepWash Shampoo! This shampoo has a cooling sensation the longer you keep it in you hair. 

You need that deep moisture penetration of Tea's DeepMoisture Conditioner if you have severely dry or psoriasis/ezcema prone  scalp.  REMINDER a little goes a long way! Best results is using a shower cap for 20 minutes or more and under a hooded dryer.  Wash out thoroughly with warm water.  

Next your hair and scalp will need that sealing moisture with Tea's Hair Growth Oil Serum! Organic heat blended oils of castor oil, vitamin e, rose oil, biotin plus more.  Perfect for hot oil treatments and  LOC method sealing.  

Each set comes with 1 Shampoo 1 Conditioner & 1  Oil Serum

Organic natural products made affordable to educate and create healthy hair with no harsh chemicals or parabens.
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