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"It's Your Hair Do What You Want to Do"

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! 

I want to touch on the subject it's YOUR hair do what you want to. A beautiful Naturalista on my Twitter made a beautiful comment. She stated why are Natural Hair women so fixated on having such a defined curl do we not LOVE the frizz?! Definitely right we love frizz. She mainly is stating don't go for what looks appealing to others but what's appealing to you. In your own natural hair journey you have a lot of self discovery and self realizations Psst shrinkage ➰ Overtime we learn to love our own curl patterns and go to products. Many advertisements may show one perspective but remember you are your own example. This is also why I love people that purchase with different hair textures. 
Your natural hair journey let's you find out your hair regime and go to styles. No judgement zone it's okay to be a lazy natural everyone has a laid day or two; but remember to provide loving care to your tresses. Your hair is when you set the mood to your existence. For example you might rock a bouncy braid out for a night out (after quarantine lls) or wear a presentable ponytail for an interview. So I'm letting you know don't get boggled down with society's standards of how "natural" hair is supposed to look remember... It's YOUR HAIR do what you want to do! 

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"Just the Way WE Are"

Hair it is....

Hair it is....

Hair it is....

Hair it is....

Hair it is....

Will Natural Hair Work?!

Hello everyone, It's another Natural Divinity Products Hair Blogspot post. This month topic is Will Natural Hair Work?! Picture This Miss Natural Hair making it to work with her shiny pink bow. Natural Hair in the workplace has reached so many controversies. Recently Locs were seen as unprofessional in the workplace which can bring upon discrimination when hiring individuals. Many people realize we are not our hair like India Arie sings. Our intellectual mind is not based on our micro braids or twists out. Many natural hairstyles in my opinion are very exotic and professional. More women are letting their hair hang freely with elegance and grace. Here are some professional "in my opinion" natural hairstyles perfect for the workplace. 🗃🗄💃🏿

 This style is definitely elegant workplace special meeting or just a regular day on the job. Similar style she is screaming 4c vibes very thick and still with amazing products eay to achieve. This is both an everyday amd elegant look.😍 Very simple yet clean and neat. I tried this style numerous it's definitely my go to style when I don't what style to choose. Definitely everyday look. 😍 Rather dashing sophisticated look. I especially love the baby hair curve. This is the everyday sophisticated boss woman look. As you can see natural hair is professional. I want to give you all a testimony. I wore a natural wash and go an interview for retail a couple years back 2014. There was me and a woman with weave plus a lot of makeup. She was chosen over the job before me. Don't get me wrong I love to doll up, but a lot of times in the workplace natural hair is seen unprofessional. We have to change the stigmas and slander. You can be comfortable in your natural without being discredited. Now professional women are taking a stand. Letting the world know we can be professional with only using our hair. Here are some professional Queens with their natural. As a women we are pushed to suppress to the world's standards now we are able to create our own 👑✨ Hope you all loved this blog many more to come. Visit my page follow subscribe This is Natural Divinity Products Hair Blogspot Stay glowed up 👑✨ -Lisa Organic Natural Hair Care Products #naturalhair #professional #hair #organic #hairproducts #blackowned #blackbusiness #smallbusiness 

January 2021 How to Find Your Go To Hair Care Products

Hello Everyone and welcome to Natural Divinity Products Hair BlogSpot. I apologize for the delay but I had to move my blog post to January 2021. Being a natural you're always trying to find the next "it" products. Instead of writing a essay lol this blogspot post is audio. I hope you enjoy this month's blogpost. Click Below to View Audio:

January 2021 Hair Blogspot Post