The Magic of Natural Divinity Products ✨

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The Magic Inside Natural Divinity Products

Tea's DeepWash Shampoo

A blend of organic oil such as coconut oil and olive oil. Main scent is cooling peppermint essential oil. Prepare for your scalp to feel a cooling sensation.

Tea's DeepMoisture Conditioner

Blended with organic mango and shea butter. Organic rose oil that leaves your curls hydrated. A dash of aloe vera to help with hydration. Perfect for deep condition use.

Tea's Hair Growth Oil Serum

Organic heated blends of biotin oil, vitamin e, castor oil, and more. Perfect for hot oil treatments and night care scalp treatment.

Rose Wildflowers Leave in Conditioner

The perfect hair lifter. Rose water with a blend of aloe vera. Swirl into a cosmic flow of organic essential oils. Perfect for a hair mist or using after wash.

Honeysuckle Curl Defining Hair Cream

Using Organic Honeysuckle essential oil. Blended with coconut milk and oil. Apply product in hand to smooth the hair cream. Works best on washed hair and smooth with hands or brush.